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Serbia is a country with favorable geographical position has contributed significantly to the formation of the Serbian society itself, because it has been lying for centuries at the crossroads between East and West, trying to reconcile their strong impacts.

A European  country with a multicultural, multiethnic and multi religious society. Though the vast majority of the population consists of Serbs, a particular care has been taken to the status of national minorities and their languages (Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, Bunjevci, Rusyns). Most of the population is of the Orthodox Christian confession, with a small number of Muslims and Protestants.

Is also well-known for its hospitality: warmth and openness that Serbian people show towards foreigners can be rarely seen elsewhere.

Why visit Serbia ?

It is quite easy to answer this question.

For those who looking for :

  • an easily approached destination

    for weekends, for holidays for any lifestyle, for any budget.

  • natural attractions

    with a moderate-continental climate the north is dominated by plains, while the rest of the country is hilly terrain with lots of mountains, canyons, gorges and caves. All the rivers in the country are navigable, while the Danube provides excellent connections to the rest of Europe

  • archeological areas

    there are present traces of prehistoric culture (the culture of Lepenski vir), and there is also a very strong presence of the ancient heritage (Viminacium, Sirimium, Felix Romuliana). Fortresses and castles testify the rich history of the country which begins from the very start of the Middle Ages.

  • religious tours

    a special charm of Serbia represents its numerous medieval monasteries, a number of them are on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list, with unique and well-known frescoes painted in the so-called Serbian style.

  • health & beauty affair

    due to climate and the geographical location Serbia is rich of medicinal water spas located in gentle valleys or on the slopes of hills and are surrounded by forests, grassland and orchards.

  • cities – Ethno villages

    Serbia “is not only” Belgrade. There are big or small cities with their own history, architecture and beautiful setting for every taste. Street incidents are recorded in an insignificant percentage and there are no “more or less” secure areas or parts of the city. Especially emphasize this because night life is extremely vibrant, and not only in the capital. The Serbs go out almost every day. The fun never ends hour or two after midnight, but lasts till dawn.
    Ethno – villages are national treasures where the essence of Serbia is captured. With their authentication preserve architecture, tradition & customs,. A visit in one of these village with the old tales, myths and legends would make you to figure out the Spirit of the country.

  • gastronomy

    a strong mix of oriental, central European and local Balkan cuisines offering a quite interesting result to taste it.
    Besides its cuisine Serbia offer a variety of small vineyards with high quality products, some of them with international awards as well. Among beverages the country is proud for the famous various fruit brandies called “rakija”

Why visit Serbia ? you already have a lot of reasons !

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Country Name

Republic of Serbia

Visa requirements

Languages spoken


Area (km2)


Geographic location

Southeastern and Central Europe, Balkan Peninsula, Western Balkans


moderate continental climate with more or less distinctive local characteristics. There are four seasons with gradual transition. Hot summers with an average temperature of 30oC and cold winters with an average temperature of 5oC.

Highest mountain peak

Đeravica (in the Prokletije range), 2656 m

International dialling code


Capital city

Belgrade, population more than 1,600,000

Official currency

the dinar (RSD)

National Internet domain


National vehicle code



(excluding Kosovo and Metohija): more than 7,000,000, 83% Serbs

Official script

Cyrillic & Latin alphabets


85% Eastern Orthodox Christian, 5.5% Roman Catholic Christian, 3.2% Muslim

National holiday

15th February – Serbian National Statehood Day

Time zone

central European, CET (GMT + 1 hour)


220 ~ 230V, 50 Hz

Water from public mains

Safe to drink

Working hours

• Weekdays, 9 am-5 pm(some until 19:00)
• Saturdays, 9 am-1 pm
• Sundays, only designated branches

Post offices:
• Weekdays 8 am-7 pm
• Saturdays 8 am-2 pm
• Sundays, only designated branches

Food stores:
• Weekdays 6 am-8 pm (some until 10 pm)
• Saturdays 6 am-6 pm (some until 10 pm)
• Sundays 6 am-2 pm
• There are also 24-hour food stores

• Open daily 6 am-5 pm

Shopping centres:
• Daily 10 am-10 pm

Petrol stations:
• Daily 6 am-8 pm
• There are also 24-hour petrol stations

Health care institutions:
• Weekdays 7 am-7 pm
• Saturdays 7 am-1 pm (some until 7 pm)
• There are 24-hour departments in hospitals and clinics

• Weekdays 8 am-8 pm
• Saturdays 8 am-3 pm
• Sundays, only designated pharmacies
• There are also 24-hour pharmacies