“The very best aesthetic surgery is the unrecognizable one, where both doctors and patients  are happy and satisfied. These are the interventions that give us a little bit more self-confidence, better feeling about ourselves and opportunity to be happy with our mirror reflection”

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pdf_icon  OREA – Special Hospital For Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery  represents genuine beauty center which is under the direction of one of the best plastic surgeons, Dr. Magdalena Krupez & Dr. Jelena Sukrija – both members of YUPRAS.ISAPS –

Is located in center of Belgrade. It’s divided on two sections.

* First section is unusual, almost unique in our region. This section represents a transition between surgery and cosmetology. This environment is full of bright and cheerful colors, which has positive influence on your mood. In this section you can also see modern equipment which is complementing aesthetic surgery – the latest generation of two LPG devices for body and face.

* The other section is designed for surgeries. This is a section where pastel colors and environment that captures home atmosphere are dominate, in order for a patient to feel as much relaxed as possible.
There is no doubt that you will be a step closer to your goal and pleased with yourself, whichever method you choose, thanks to OREA clinic professionals.

Provides :

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

This type of interventions includes surgeries of removing all kinds of benign and malignant skin tumors and soft tissue with their PH verification/ papillomas, birthmarks, warts, lipomas, sebaceous cysts… These interventions also includes reconstruction of defects that are produced by removing these soft tissues and correction of congenital and acquired face and body

Non Surgical Rejuvenation Treatments

PRP / Plattelet Rich Plasma
Face Contouring

Cosmetic surgery

Legs liposuction and backside lifting
Duration – 60 – 150 minutes.
Hospitalization – till 24 hours (depending on the extent of intervention)

Head and neck

  • Eyelid Tightening
    Duration – 30 minutes
    The postoperative recovery
Painless, with swelling and hematomas which will withdrawn within 15 days.
    Lip Augmentation
    Ambulatory intervention under topical anesthetic with anesthetic cream, Xylocain ung.15%.
    Preparation with intervention lasts for 20 minutes.
  • Nose Surgery
    Duration – 30 – 45 minutes
    Hospitalization – 24 hours at clinic.
    The postoperative recovery:
    Painless, with huge swelling and hematomas, which will disappear completely for 7 to 15 days.
  • Ear Surgery
    Duration – 20 -60 minutes (depending on type)
    The postoperative recovery:
    Swelling and hematomas will withdrawn within 7 days and the immobilization will be removed on the 3rd day after the surgery.

Breast augmentation:
Duration – 30-45 minutes.Hospitalization – 24h.
The postoperative recovery:
Swelling will withdrawn within 10 days after surgery. I
ntradermal stitches will be removed on the 14th day.

Mammary implants:
-MENTOR company, different shapes and profiles, placed through inframammary access under the mammary gland or under the large pectoral muscle.
Duration 50-90minutes. Hospitalization – 24h.

Back and Abdomen Liposuction

The intervention is performing in block anesthesia.
Duration – 90- 120 minutes
Hospitalization – 24 hours
The postoperative recovery:
Abdominal swellings and hematomas will withdrawn within two weeks. Special girdle should be worn at least two weeks after the surgery.




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Serbia is a country with favorable geographical position has contributed significantly to the formation of the Serbian society itself, because it has been lying for centuries at the crossroads between East and West, trying to reconcile their strong impacts.

A European  country with a multicultural, multiethnic and multi religious society. Though the vast majority of the population consists of Serbs, a particular care has been taken to the status of national minorities and their languages (Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, Bunjevci, Rusyns). Most of the population is of the Orthodox Christian confession, with a small number of Muslims and Protestants.

Is also well-known for its hospitality: warmth and openness that Serbian people show towards foreigners can be rarely seen elsewhere.

Why visit Serbia ?

It is quite easy to answer this question.

For those who looking for :

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  • an easily approached destination

    for weekends, for holidays for any lifestyle, for any budget.

  • natural attractions

    with a moderate-continental climate the north is dominated by plains, while the rest of the country is hilly terrain with lots of mountains, canyons, gorges and caves. All the rivers in the country are navigable, while the Danube provides excellent connections to the rest of Europe

  • archeological areas

    there are present traces of prehistoric culture (the culture of Lepenski vir), and there is also a very strong presence of the ancient heritage (Viminacium, Sirimium, Felix Romuliana). Fortresses and castles testify the rich history of the country which begins from the very start of the Middle Ages.

  • religious tours

    a special charm of Serbia represents its numerous medieval monasteries, a number of them are on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list, with unique and well-known frescoes painted in the so-called Serbian style.

  • health & beauty affair

    due to climate and the geographical location Serbia is rich of medicinal water spas located in gentle valleys or on the slopes of hills and are surrounded by forests, grassland and orchards.

  • cities – Ethno villages

    Serbia “is not only” Belgrade. There are big or small cities with their own history, architecture and beautiful setting for every taste. Street incidents are recorded in an insignificant percentage and there are no “more or less” secure areas or parts of the city. Especially emphasize this because night life is extremely vibrant, and not only in the capital. The Serbs go out almost every day. The fun never ends hour or two after midnight, but lasts till dawn.
    Ethno – villages are national treasures where the essence of Serbia is captured. With their authentication preserve architecture, tradition & customs,. A visit in one of these village with the old tales, myths and legends would make you to figure out the Spirit of the country.

  • gastronomy

    a strong mix of oriental, central European and local Balkan cuisines offering a quite interesting result to taste it.
    Besides its cuisine Serbia offer a variety of small vineyards with high quality products, some of them with international awards as well. Among beverages the country is proud for the famous various fruit brandies called “rakija”


Why visit Serbia ? you already have a lot of reasons !

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Belgrade – the White City (as it can be translated) is located at the confluence of Sava & Danube rivers.

As the capital city it is the major financial center of Serbia and Southeast Europe. Its history is very rich being a place of one of the most important prehistoric culture of Europe.

After World War II the city started to expand southwards and westwards. New Belgrade was built on the left bank of the Sava river. In recent years it has become the new financial centre of Belgrade and its fastest developing area due to more modern infrastructure and larger available space. Its land is mostly flat, consisting of plains and plateaus while the central part of Belgrade on the right bank of the Sava has a hilly terrain.

The historic areas and a lot of buildings with quite architectural interest, are among the city’s premier attractions. Cultural happenings, concerts featuring famous local and foreign bands are often held at the center. Various art exhibitions are held all over the year with big interesting. Belgrade Fashion Week is on the list of 40 most significant fashion weeks in the world.

There are numerous theaters, major libraries,  two opera houses, cultural centers & a great number of museums.

Shopping in Belgrade can be a real pleasure. Modern big shopping malls (mainly located in New Belgrade), but  “old style” centers as well, are places you can find exclusive international brands for clothes, shoes, jewelry, home accessories. The most famous  shopping area is certainly the pedestrian street “Knez Mihailova” though the surrounding streets also have their own appeal.

You can easily find unique stores & brands, art galleries, antiques shops, bookshops, souvenir & gift shops.  And, don’t forget to visit green & flea markets with a great variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, surrounded by bakeries, butcher shops, meat delicatessen, and diary shops.

The city is full of café-bar, domestic taverns and international cuisine restaurants.

Serbian food is a mix of various gastronomic traditions, sharing characteristics of the Balkans, Mediterranean, Turkish and Hungarian cuisines. Various sorts of pastries, soups, pies, stuffed vegetables, roasted meat, smoked ham, prosciutto, sausages, “kajmak”, are some of main dishes.

In the last 10 years the wine industry has been gaining positive momentum with small wineries taking the lead. Though the quantity of these wines is fairly low, their quality is getting better every year with some exceptional wines offered to foreign markets and winning international awards.

Amongst distilled beverages, the most popular are various fruit brandies called rakija. Serbian rakija is a prized commodity and is very difficult to find elsewhere in the world. Various kinds of rakija are named after fruit they are made of. Serbian people often say “Roštilj + rakija = Srbija” – “Barbecue + Rakija = Serbia”.

Belgrade i s not only a typical city with an urban music entertainment but is famous for its vibrant nightlife. Many clubs are open until dawn can be found throughout the city with weekend visitors from neighboring countries.

Ready to plan your visit in Belgrade ? have in mind our well know hospitality, in a country of extreme closeness

Enjoy your stay in a city ! 

“….the sky above Belgrade is wide and high, unstable but always beautiful”  – Ivo Andric, Nobel prize winner writer

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